Office rental in the city. Which district should Ho Chi Minh choose?

Office rental in the city. Ho Chi Minh

Office rental in the city. Ho Chi Minh City attracts much attention of domestic and foreign companies. The selection of an appropriate location to set up offices, headquarters of the company is also a matter of great concern for many businesses.

Overview of Ho Chi Minh City

TP Ho Chi Minh City has 19 central districts and 5 suburban districts:
  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • District 4
  • District 5
  • District 6
  • District 7
  • District 8
  • District 9
  • District 10
  • District 11
  • District 12
  • Thu-Duc District
  • Go vap district
  • Binh thanh district
  • Tan Binh district
  • Tan Phu District
  • Phu Nhuan district
  • Binh Tan District
  • Cu Chi district
  • Hoc Mon province
  • Binh Chanh district
  • Nha Be district
  • Can Gio District
In which, the central district of Saigon is District 1, District 3, District 4 and Binh Thanh District. These are the districts with the highest demand for office space as well as the highest office rent in Saigon

So renting an office in Ho Chi Minh City is appropriate?

Often to rent an appropriate office as the headquarters of the business is interested in the first 2 criteria:

Office rental costs

Cost is often a difficult problem and is focused first. Often for small and medium-sized businesses with limited funding, the choice of cheap rental office is the most optimal solution. Cheap offices for rent are offices for rent in small areas or offices near the central district such as District 5, District 10, Binh Thanh District.

Office rental location

After determining the cost solution, you need to choose a location to rent an office. If the identified cost is over $ 20 / m2 you should choose to rent offices in the central district to increase brand recognition. If the cost is less than $ 20 / m2, you should choose neighboring districts to save costs and easily operate in the center.


Hiring an office in Ho Chi Minh City to open a business office is often a headache for many businesses, so if you have any questions, you can contact us for a free consultation. Email: Hotline: 1900 7222
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